Group of 5 Power Rankings: Week Three

It was another wild weekend of college football. We saw a few teams on this list get throttled, a few excelled, and a lot of teams turned in performances that were just good enough. There were also two teams on the bubble last week for beating a Power 5 opponent who then struggled with an... Continue Reading →


Group of 5 Power Rankings: Week Two

Week one saw a mix of nothing-to-prove games and some Group of 5 teams knocking off Power 5 opponents. There were also some embarrassing losses and concerningly close wins in games that should have been easy wins for some teams, but through one week, not much has changed as far as our perception of most... Continue Reading →

Group of 5 Power Rankings: Week .5

Here we go. It's time for another season of college football, and while a lot of people focus on the teams vying for a National Championship, it's important to remember the smaller conferences and think about their division races and conference championship hunts and watch out for teams to take down a Power 5 conference... Continue Reading →

MLB Rest-of-Season Predictions

We've passed the trade deadline, and by now I'm ready to make fun of myself for my start of the season predictions (totally missed on the Rays and Rangers). I also didn't do any awards predictions in the preseason article, and now that we're about two-thirds of the way through the season the picture is... Continue Reading →

Detroit Tigers Trade Deadline Goals

The Detroit Tigers are not a fun team to talk about in 2019. They have the worst offensive stats in the American League (by far), they've suffered injuries across their major league roster and they're one of the worst teams in baseball. But they have some players who have performed well enough to be shipped... Continue Reading →

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