MLB Rest-of-Season Predictions

We've passed the trade deadline, and by now I'm ready to make fun of myself for my start of the season predictions (totally missed on the Rays and Rangers). I also didn't do any awards predictions in the preseason article, and now that we're about two-thirds of the way through the season the picture is... Continue Reading →


Detroit Tigers Trade Deadline Goals

The Detroit Tigers are not a fun team to talk about in 2019. They have the worst offensive stats in the American League (by far), they've suffered injuries across their major league roster and they're one of the worst teams in baseball. But they have some players who have performed well enough to be shipped... Continue Reading →

Weirdest Notes from March Madness 2019

When Texas Tech and Virginia squared off Monday night in the national championship game, it was the first time since 1979 that both teams in a championship game were making their debuts in a game for the title. That year was the Magic Johnson vs Larry Bird matchup of Michigan State against Indiana State. Johnson... Continue Reading →

Bronco baseball recap April 12th 2019

When the Broncos welcomed the Huskies of Northern Illinois to Robert J Bobb stadium this afternoon, they and Seton Hall played the latest home openers in division 1 this year. The win put the Broncos record at 10-20 on the year, with a MAC record of 3-5. Chris Modrzynski struggled through 3 1/3 innings, giving... Continue Reading →

What if the Big East still played football?

Big East football was the biggest casualty of the 2010-2014 NCAA conference realignment period, as the conference that had been founded around basketball talent had worked their way to being a major football conference before some of their top programs had left when Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College left for the ACC in 2004-2005.... Continue Reading →

MLB Season Forecast

I know, technically the season has started as the A's and Mariners have played a two-game set in Japan to officially start the regular season. I wanted to wait as long as possible to see if Dallas Keuchel or Craig Kimbrel would sign before the regular season started. I want to clarify: I am NOT... Continue Reading →

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