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I’m a student at Western Michigan University, majoring in journalism with a minor in mathematics. I’m hoping to go into sports writing, in case having a sports blog doesn’t give it away. I’m from Waterford, Michigan, a town of about 75,000 people roughly 35 miles Northwest of Detroit. My life has been shaped in large part by experiences playing baseball and being in my high school and college marching band. My biggest sports interests are in professional baseball and college football.

Players with weird stats/stories are more fun to talk about than first-ballot hall-of-famers, don’t @ me. Like hit me with a good Mark Prior story rather than telling me how dominant Greg Maddux was. Or let’s talk about the most random playoff series MVP’s who never even made an all-star game. And sure, now college football has like 30 teams that have a chance to win titles and everyone else is just playing for fun, but how about in like 1940 when Army and Navy had the best teams because everyone was going into the military for World War 2? Or go back even further to talk about when Yale was a football powerhouse. The point is, weird stories are fun. Sports should be about fun, not necessarily just being great. So, for every story of success and unbelievable achievement in sports, let’s have a goofy, wacky story about how random and crazy sports can get.

Rachel Quesnelle

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I’m a 5th year student at Western Michigan University, studying E-Business Marketing on the Marketing Track.  I am absolutely fascinated in the intersection between marketing and storytelling. Marketing, in itself, is essentially a form of storytelling, but it can also enhance another story. I think this is where my skills lie in their strongest. My ultimate dream is to work in film marketing or influencer marketing. Outside of class, I am a member of the Bronco Marching Band, and I am also a Brother of the Mu Delta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, a National Honorary Co-Ed Band Fraternity. I am from Warren, Michigan, a city with around 135,000 people just north of Detroit.

I have grown up my whole life in a sports loving family. I played sports growing up and have always loved watching them. My favorite teams are the University of Michigan, Western Michigan University, and the Detroit Tigers. I got lucky enough to have a best friend whose interesting sports facts brought us here!

Our Team


Our goal is to dispense interesting and original sports facts in easy to digest and fun ways. We want our sports updates and articles to be unique and to give you a different perspective than all of the mainstream posts that you read online. We are currently based out of Kalamazoo, MI.

Questions, comments, ideas for a story you want to hear about, and anything else you want to say can be left in a comment below, and all we ask is that you give your name and email address, so we can respond to it. We can’t promise to respond to everything, but any feedback is always appreciated. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy reading Murphy’s Field!

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