Detroit Tigers Trade Deadline Goals

The Detroit Tigers are not a fun team to talk about in 2019. They have the worst offensive stats in the American League (by far), they've suffered injuries across their major league roster and they're one of the worst teams in baseball. But they have some players who have performed well enough to be shipped... Continue Reading →

What Major League Baseball Was Like When: The Red Sox Last Won the World Series

Welcome to part 1 of a series on what the MLB was like the last time each team won the World Series. Three of the five teams that have been to a World Series but haven't won one will get an article for the last year they went, but the Rangers, along with the Mariners... Continue Reading →

MLB Season Forecast

I know, technically the season has started as the A's and Mariners have played a two-game set in Japan to officially start the regular season. I wanted to wait as long as possible to see if Dallas Keuchel or Craig Kimbrel would sign before the regular season started. I want to clarify: I am NOT... Continue Reading →

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