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Hall of Fame 2022 Ballot Preview: Prince Fielder

As we continue our series of Hall of Fame ballot previews with the MLB shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, we take a look at the career of Prince Fielder. The son of a two-time home run champ in Cecil Fielder, Prince had plenty of power as well, leading the NL with 50 homers... Continue Reading →

Hall of Fame 2021 Ballot Preview: Aramis Ramirez

Part six of our series on Hall of Fame ballot previews without live sports in North America brings us to Aramis Ramírez. Ramírez was a hard-hitting third baseman who left plenty to be desired in the field. He's best remembered for his time with the Cubs, who pulled off a heist in the trade to... Continue Reading →

MLB Season Forecast

I know, technically the season has started as the A's and Mariners have played a two-game set in Japan to officially start the regular season. I wanted to wait as long as possible to see if Dallas Keuchel or Craig Kimbrel would sign before the regular season started. I want to clarify: I am NOT... Continue Reading →

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